Bowen Family Systems Clinical Seminars of Kansas City

Peg Donley, LSCSW

               Margaret "Peg" Donley, LSCSW          
(Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker)
Peg Donley has been working with individuals, couples and families for 29 years using a family systems perspective. She has been in private practice in Prairie Village, Kansas, since 1988.

For appointments call:
Peg Donley, LSCSW
7301 Mission Road, Suite 330
Prairie Village KS 66208
(913) 722-1010 
E D U C A T I O N                                                                                             
1978 Masters of Social Work (MSW), University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

F E L L O W S H I P S  &  P O S T G R A D U A T E   E D U C A T I O N
1989 - present  Ongoing Post Graduate Research Seminar, The Bowen Center 
                          for the Study of the Family, Wash. DC

1985 - 1989      Special Postgraduate Program in Bowen Family Systems Theory and 
                         Family Psychotherapy,  The Georgetown Family Center, Wash. DC
1978 - 1979      Post Masters Fellowship in Psychiatric Social Work, The Menninger
                         Foundation, Topeka, KS

C R E D E N T I A LS                                                                                       
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)
 - Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker (LSCSW), Kansas
 - Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT), Kansas
 - Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Missouri
 - National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
 - Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW)

T E A C H I N G / S U P E R V I S I O N                                                         
2000 - pres.    Bowen Family Systems Clinical Training Program.  Instructor and
                       clinical supervisor in ongoing monthly seminar for area clinicians  
1988 - 2000.   Faculty member and supervisor in the Menninger Foundation - 
                       Kansas City Family Therapy Training Program 

P U B L I C A T I O N S                                                                                   
  In process    The Impact of Sibling Relationships Across Generations." In process
  Sept 2003      Unraveling the Child Focus Process - A Brief Report."  Family Systems, 6(2)
  Sept 2001     Book Review, "Born to Rebel," by Frank Sulloway, PhD. Family Systems, 5(2)
                       pp. 176-187
  May 1994     Book Review, "Sex and Friendship in Baboons," by Barbara Smuts, PhD. 
                       Family Systems, 1(1) pp. 81-84
  Sept 1991    Attachment and the Emotional Unit." Family Process, 22(1) pp. 3-20

                      Reprints upon request